MDollaz Technology Ltd. is a mobile internet based platform company that matches Caribbean companies in the MSME  sector seeking to raise capital with investors of all sizes. We are a Financial Inclusion company whose issuers range from mom and pop projects to large scale investment.  Our investors range from institutional investors, commercial banks, venture capitalist to any individual or group of individuals interested in alternative investment vehicles.
For investors we provide a safe and proven platform where you can raise capital – from start to finish. Our technology is compliance driven, and can be done from your cell phone. We provide an electronic marketplace for viable projects and companies that have been certified by organizations such as Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs). This is made possible through our innovative mobile phone based delivery platform and allows participation in the capital markets to anyone with a cell phone.

We envision a Caribbean where everyone, including those not traditionally served by banks, can have access to financial services they can trust. Our mdollaz e-platform helps individuals, from all walks of life, save and invest confidently.

For businesses of all sizes, our mdollaz platform creates a business environment that connects them to investors and clients that can participate in meeting their capital needs.

It is our mission, to empower individuals and increase their opportunities for participation in financial services. As a financial inclusion platform company, through technology we service the MSME entrepreneurial community, providing additional capital raising facilities.

Our Products and Services


The end-user’s mobile phone number is his wallet/account number. The optional mWallet app for the end-user can be downloaded onto any Android or IOS device. The end-user then has easy access to his balance and transaction history.

Crowd Funding

We facilitate crowd funding and help track money raised. Our platform allows investors to trust that investments go to where they are designated.


Government and NGO can subsidize certain industries while making sure that the money goes exactly where its intended. Mdollaz platform brings a new level of accountability and information to partners.

Cash In & Cash Out

The end-user can visit an agent, representing the bank in the field, to securely perform a cash-in or a cash-out, crediting or debiting his wallet/account.

Airtime Topup

The end-user can top-up his airtime by using his feature phone, with IVR or USSD, or with his smartphone, through the web portal or with the MDollaz mWallet. The end-user can also visit an agent to perform this service.

P2P Transfers

End-users can send money in many different ways, be it over the counter with an agent or directly from their feature phone or mWallet app. It is also possible to use IVR, USSD, app and web channels for transfers without the assistance of an agent. When receiving cash from another individual, the recipient can choose to leave it on his wallet/account.

Merchant Payments

End-users can securely and conveniently pay in stores with their phones using their wallets/accounts. Any cell phone can be used, no matter the telecom operator or type of phone. Merchants can partner with the MDollaz client bank to accept MDollaz payments in their stores, offering their customers a convenient contactless payment experience that is extremely secure and user-friendly. The merchant downloads the TP1600 app from Google Play or from the App Store.

Works with any cell phone!

Have a smartphone? It works!

Have a featurephone? It works!

MDollaz is designed to work with any phone any where!

Bill Pay

The end-user can pay his bills securely and conveniently on his feature phone or mWallet app, or by paying with cash at a point of service.

Our Customers

As a financial inclusion company, we strive to touch all aspects of our society and provide our customers with access to financial services without the big fees.